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when was the first time you came across bitcoin
i came across bitcoin in 2010, however didnt look into it, just knew it was "internet money"

then in 2015 i started using it heavily when price was well below 300usd mark

i even got into trading it

so i learnt alot over the years about cryptography, blockchain tech, bitcoins, altcoins and many other facets of this new fintech wave

a very good book i enjoyed on bitcoin is called "The Bitcoin Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich

goes into detail on the involvment of the winklevoss twins within the bitcoin game. if that name rings a bell, those twins too Zuckerberg to court for stealing the facebook idea from them

hope this interests people as much is does to me

i am no way a novice to bitcoin

biggaz feel free to ask any questions or pm me

happy smoking, THB