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How to Use Referral Links
Using lb referral codes it’s possible to make a tracking link and reward your customers/affiliates each time they refer a buyer.

All you need to do is add ?ref=ANYTHING to the end of your little biggy url.

eg to give my friend Anna a tracking link for my little biggy page and all its items I’d give her the following link https://littlebiggy.com/viewSubject/p/4758047?ref=anna

Whenever someone uses this link to buy an item it will generate the code “anna” on the order, visible on the order page and a lot of other places. Everytime I see an order with this I can give Anna a commission, discount or whatever. There is no reporting (I don’t know if this is a privacy thing or whatt) so I keep track with my own notes/spreadsheet. Anna can trust all of this this since she can run a test at any time.

Happy trails and good luck. If you find this helpful please leave something in my tip jar ;)