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Delayed Orders
Greetings to you wonderful biggaz!
Unfortunately, this time of the year post services all around the world reporting very large volumes of post and it seems a lot of orders are taking longer then usual, to some countries more than the others.
Shipping to GB seems to be delays just a bit if any - still most arrive before 21 days.
Shipping to Ireland are in massive delay, all orders past october 20th are still seems to be on their way 50+ days (!!!).
Shipping to rest of europe seems to be delayed also depend on country - about 21-35 days.
I really hope that all of the order will reach their rightful owners as soon as possible.
for all order that haven't arrived past 60 days please contact me to sort it out!!!
I'm very sorry for the long wait for some of you, there is nothing I can do to speed this process up - I already use the fastest possible shipping option of the post service. I consider for a while now to add a DHL shipping option. I try my best to make this option possible for you already this week, but I probably won't be able to offer it for all of my products.
I'm always doing my best for you guys, and will keep it that way.
for any question please message me.
Peace and Happy holidays to all humankind!
from  Sammy2912