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Hi Molloy! Thank you for the kind words. I do also believe and hope your item will arrive to you sooner than later. how ever I'm a person of my word and if your item won't show up after 60 days (in a few days for your order if I'm not mistaken) I'll reship/refund you. it seems that all orders to ireland after the 20th of december are not yet to arrive their destination so I can only assume it's due to some kind of lower prioritisation of mail from the middle east at this time of the year.
I must mention that even though some other countries experiencing a bit of delay ROI is by far the slowest to ship to from where I ship, at the moment.
at this point I consider my steps forward with shipping to Ireland. as I said before I'm thinking about using DHL services but that requires a change of some of my work methods and will be significantly more expensive (DHL prices start with 40$(!!) for shipping only) so I'm a bit hesitant but will might eventually go though with that. anyway, whoever's waiting on their item for over 2 months is eligible for a solution (reship/refund) in my shop.
I really hope all the post services around the world will regroup as soon as possible and shipping times will be back to normal.
please message me with any question or problem and we will sort it out.
Happy holidays to all!