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How to Add a Payment Processor/Sell Items
Anyone can post an item for sale on little biggy but to charge money for it you need a payment processor. You can do this in seconds with these 2 steps:

1 - Have a bitcoin wallet address ready help

2 - Use the btc address to get a transaxe token at https://www.transaxe.com/register copy and paste it into the “payment processors” field on your “settings” page.

That’s it, you can now sell an item on little biggy.

little biggy is only a place to “post” items; if you want to charge money for them you need a payment processor. Some payment processors have strict visibility rules or reputation requirements, you probably will not be able to see them if you are new, this guide is based on receiving bitcoin payments via transaxe which is the most open platform available.

transaxe works on a “transactional” basis, you don’t really get much from them, just a way to collect payments from buyers and put them into your bitcoin wallet. Support is as minimal as the rest of the experience but the positive side of this is privacy. transaxe doesn’t know anything about you, your items, or your customers, just your reputation statistics.

transaxe doesn’t send the money directly to you, it goes to an escrow account at Escrow Suisse, mostly to protect buyers. Their standard policy is to release funds to you after 16 days or sooner if the buyer contacts them. If you do not have a little biggy reputation you may have more hoops to jump through to get your 1st releases. A lot of this fraud prevention stuff is not published but it is clear that you will be in good shape if your early buyers have a reputation and report back that they received your item. Any ambiguity with these guys is settled only by reputation.. The fees for transaxe+Escrow Suisse are 10% total.