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Issues with tracking or delay with receiving
Greetings to all of my customers and merry christmas to all!
This time of the year like I guess you all know, post services around the world deal with great volumes of parcel and become a bit less efficient with some orders.
I've got quite a few messages complaining about tracking number info missing/not updating. also some orders seems to take a bit longer than usual. shipping to GB is with a bit of delay for some orders. shipping to ROI for some reason, is way longer than usual, there's a bit of an issue with it - all orders to Ireland sent from the 20th october and forward did not yet arrive their destination, or even marked as received in Ireland. that's quite a few packages. I don't (hope) and believe that all item are lost or seized. I've contacted the post services in my country and I wait their answer about this subject. I really hope it's just a delay due to the situation and that it'll soon be fixed and all on my Ireland costumers will received their items an be happy :-)
I'm not going to let any customer who did not received their package to take the burden on their on though, I encourage any costumer who did not received their order in the time frame following for each country to contact me and we'll sort it out (refund/reship) on a case by case basis. GB - if item has not arrived after 50 days or tracking has not updated after 30 days. Ireland 70 days if not received and no tracking update for all orders before november, 90 days for all orders after november. rest of europe and the world 30 days if no tracking update and 60 days if not received.
I give great thanks and appreciation for the love I receive from this community and do my best to give great love back. I hope all of my customers will receive that they've orders as safe and soon as possible.
Happy Holidays and Peace to all!