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Skywalker review
Hi biggas I hope you are all well.

I ordered a 3.5g of skywalker from Emporium along with a 1g ice cream cake preroll.

The skywalker is a nice deep shade of green with lots of orange and brown hairs coming off it and you can see the amount of crystals on it even before you break it up. There isn't much of a smell to it out the bag but Once broken up it fluffs up really nicely and puts out a subtle earthy smell.

The smoke itself was very pleasant and is defo more of a creeper than a smack in the face which is nice as it gives you a slow warm feeling as it kicks in and leaves you quite nice and comfortable...if you don't need to get up and do much then this is a great strain for gaming or watching a film. I did find that it was a bit tickly on the back of the throat at times so I'd expect infrequent or novice users to find it a bit strong.

Got to give this one a solid 9/10 as its just an all round nice smoke.

Really pleased with this and I'd happily buy from Emporium again :)

As a new seller its great to see Emporium is engaging with the community and listening to advice and feedback given. I wish you all the best of luck with you new venture buddy.

Stay safe everyone