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Guns are not the problem, they never have been. Why not start laying the blame where it belongs, with the people using a gun to kill and injure other people. A gun doesn’t kill or injure anybody unless a human being is pulling the trigger. Of course, the left wants you to believe everything would be flowers and sunshine if we only got rid of the mean, evil guns. You’re right about one thing, control. People are a lot easier to control if they can’t defend themselves. Of course that kind of logic is taboo for the left. Fear mongering and race baiting are the left’s weapons of choice. The left are the biggest racists on the planet. People forget that if not for the right, the civil rights act never would have made it to Johnson’s desk to sign into law. Who was opposed to it, most of the Democrats. There were active members of the KKK in congress and they were Democrats. Am l saying there are no racists on the right. Of course l am not, but the left would have you believe their shit doesn’t stink. It’s just sad that such a large group of people are fooled by their bullshit.
from  hoqwer