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Hi Biggaz! So some people have been getting strawberry flavour patch’s instead of watermelon. We are really sorry about the mix up and we will give a discount and free shipping on next orders to anyone who has been affected.

Now to the Biggaz leaving bae reviews after “ Stating “ they had one piece of chocolate or half a cookie! Even better I ate two sweets and felt nothing.

If you buy a pack of sweets eat the pack, if you buy a chocolate bar eat the whole bar etc etc

So please don’t try a little then post 3/10 reviews I mean come on. I’d say with my experience around 300-500mg will have you high as a kite in 45mins to an hour maximum and last hours and hours !

You don’t eat them while smoking or you can’t tell what’s what, don’t eat then if drinking as the same applies.

We have so much more goodies arriving in the next month so watch this space and thanks for the custom.

Happy new year Biggaz :)