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Hi biggyrobert
How are you. Ok these packs are 100% authentic. Not like the backs u get here, in the UK these are fully sealed. I order these my self from my us contact. So I know first hand these are real. Also over all quality of this item is amazing. Now u may also ask why I don't have Cali bud that's because it's easier to import these then bud as losing large amount of bud isn't something I want. So I've tried and tested these, myself and can honestly tell u these are the real deal. I've had few orders on here for these, so should hopefully soon have a few reviews up. I do get these on small batches. But seems like the demand has increased. As these are amazing to take through the day.

I hope this helps. Any questions please feel free to ask. I'll give u my honest opinion as I use these myself .

Thank you