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Yes i have done that too with good results :)

Maybe 100 carts and i think 3 or 4 have had that. I have a number of Vape boxes and i found that these 3 ‘stickers’ would fire on some devices but not others. EG the Kandypen 510 thread (all three of them) didn’t fire those carts. But with the Phatom 510 from Honeystick, and all 3 fired.

But as you say, that little trick with the ‘pin’ in the bottom - pull and push back. That worked every time and the Kandypens managed to fire all 3.

In the early days before MJ upgraded the carts i had a few cloggers too, but pre heat helps there. But with these newer carts he has been using for a while now, the V2?, i have not had any stickers or cloggers.

So i would agree, OP give the pin trick a go. Don’t pull it out, keep it gentle. You are looking to reseat the pin connector with the coil within.

Maybe its just a true dud.

Anyhow PEACE :)

I am just waiting to get my 10 x 0.5 ml in when MJ get them up :)