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Royal Mail not-so-Special Delivery
I’m just posting this as reference in case someone else experiences the same issue as I did with Royal Mail Special Delivery (next day).

I ordered from the vendor as a NDD on Monday and it was promptly dispatched by the guys as promised - I could see that they had, as they provided the tracking reference and I could see that Royal Mail had it.

The tracking info stayed the same (accepted at post office / sender preparing item) from Monday evening until Saturday morning, when it informed me that it was out for delivery. It then arrived safely a couple of hours later.

I’ll be honest, I was spooked and couldn’t believe that a special delivery parcel could be in limbo for five days - I did start to think that it had been intercepted or something untoward!

RM are just completely backlogged at the moment and if you have a look on social media, it’s not uncommon that a NDD delivery doesn’t arrive on the day as per the service, or doesn’t budge for many days from the initial location. It’s down to exponential increase in people using the service and social distancing measures due to COVID etc.

I have to say that the vendors, The Gentlemen Dealers, were awesome and kept an eye on the situation, reassuring me that it should arrive (based on previous experience with similar NDD delays) and that they would sort out if it didn’t. I never felt that I would be ultimately out of pocket (my main concern was the original package being out there with my address on!

Again, just thought I’d post this as reassurance to try to be patient if things are delayed by RM (I know that I was desperately searching for someone who had had a significant delay to reassure myself that I’d end up with PC Jobsworth at my door instead of my order!!) Again, looking as social media etc, it should eventually arrive - but given the current COVID situation, it’s not unlikely that a NDD may not arrive as per the service guarantee, which the vendors can’t control (and Royal Mail can’t be blamed too much for either!)

Stay safe, happy and high people!