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My special skill is that I can McGyver a bong out of almost anything.

Basically, as long as you have tin foil you can do anything. Make pipes: a few wraps, tight around a pencil, seal with scotchtape lengthways. Fan out the end before doing so. Tear a circle of tinfoil, and a pin ("anyone wearing a badge?"), open the back page of an unloved book, place the foil on the paper, and tap the pin up and down repeatedly and you have a perfectly serviceable gauze that you can poke in the end of your fanned pipe.

I prefer not to smoke out of anything plastic. Just seems like we know not to burn plastic in the outdoors, so keep that shit away from your lungs, right?

Fruit has always been a friend for the thrown together party bong. Watermelon is obviously beautifully carvable. Always thought a papaya, with its natural internal chamber and a couple of pipes would probably be viable. Poke holes into the fruit with a screwdriver or, if you don't have one, a pencil or pen.

Finally, you can make an incredible ice bong, but it's a faff. Get two barbeque skewers. Place them in a pint glass, of water with the ends 10cm from the bottom of the glass. I made an inverted kind of A frame with some tinfoil to hold them. If you do the same, keep the crossbar out of the water. Freeze the glass.

Boil the kettle. Use a combination of twisting and pulling to extract the metal skewers. Then, tilt so that one side is facing down over a sink and slowly pour boiling water into the holes. Eventually, you'll have a bong. Make a tin foil gauze. Smoke like a muthafking champion.