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copy and paste descriptions are how this vendor works unfortunately!

i posted a topic about this and it reads like this>
is there any way we can put an end to vendors just copy and pasting strain info from google? it's honestly getting to a point where 95% of the bud listed on here has no personal / accurate information on the product whatsoever, every copy and paste description from google serves no purpose when describing a product that always has unique differences EVERY single time it's grown! the google descriptions literally serve no purpose whatsoever to anyone.

not only does it show immense lazyness on the side of so many so called professional vendors, but it always shows a lack of care for the product, and most importantly, a DEEP LACK OF CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER!

if you cant be bothered to give us a description of the product we are shelling out huge amounts of cash for, then i'm not going to be stupid enough to buy it from you!
so many vendors acting like they "care for the community" yet put up the most low effort listings humanly possible and then they moan when they have to follow up with question after question on topics asking about this batch of the strain and half the time not getting a response!

if you vendors really are true smokers, you would definitely be putting a personal description of each product, particularly the smell and taste of each of your listings since this is so important to 99% of smokers, yet you just leave us with the generic useless copy and paste random descritptions!

if anything it goes to show lazyness, greed, lack of professionalism, and most importantly shows you are only in this for the money and all these weak efforts you occasionally go to to make it look like "you are here for the community" become less and less believeable! especially when looking around at how dissapointed a large amount of people are with the service and product they are recieving from so called "top vendors"