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Been a member for a year and a half, you won't find many vendors on here that i haven't purchased from numerous times, spent a small fortune on here probably averaging £100 a week, every week!

i'm just about to put in my 3rd order with dank and i only started buying from him about a week ago, i wasn't hesitant at all, Dank is as professional as they come, really nice bloke to deal with and if you have any questions with orders you dont have to wait 5 days to hear back from him!

so far i've tried the white fire OG, Gelato, and the black cherry pie cali, all of them have been absolutely fire, especially the black cherry pie, don't usually do the fruity strains but this is the best weed i've had this year, some of the nicest you will find on here, and i've got plenty to compare that too! hence me coming back to order again so suddenly!

i do agree with one thing you said, the website isn't what it used to be! but i think you should have the decency to delete your comment as it's filled with false accusations that Dank has done nothing to deserve!