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Hi okay to start with 90% of UK weed is sprayed which is very sad but its the truth mate. Cali bud is different from UK weed not just in quality but also terpene profiles meaning that the chemical THC is different in cali weed. Why is it different? Well heres why. Its due to the fact that when the plant flowers here in the UK they want to finish it as quick as possible so they cut it early most of the time which at 7-8 weeks of flower. However on the other hand in cali the flowering stage takes 9-12 weeks and in those extra weeks the flower develops a substance called CBN. CBN gives you this relaxed sleepy feeling with minimum anxiety and stress. This is scientifcally proven mate you can look it up. Its never about what strain its always about how the plant was grown. If the plant is grown with love, you will get love from smoking it <3 with all that said try our Pina acai! She's tasty and fruity with a pleasent nice high.