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Hi Toni, not sure when your post is from but I am having exactly the same problem with Bitpanda. I click button to send BTC, input the recipient address, at that point a message displays saying 'wallet balance is too low',. The alert is not correct as I know I have enough BTC in my wallet for the transaction.
I am really frustrated as this is before the stage where I input the amount to send so how can Bitpanda know whether I have enough funds?.
I have contacted support at Bitpanda support but it's annoying as I am keen to place my order.
Actually before completing this post I read some of the replies below to Toni's post and I feel a bit reassured. I'l have to wait for Bitpanda support to reply or for fess to reduce. Was a bit alarmed at first thinking that I would have to top up my wallet with another £25 to cover fees then realised that as I didn't enter the amount to send there is no way that the issue is related to my BTC balance. thanks to the responders, fingers crossed things improve very soon. cheers