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Another Berber review.
Views on this have been a little inconsistent, so I thought I'd share my own thoughts on this in case this helps anyone.

Firstly, let me say that despite some concerns over a copy and pasted description, I found the description to be an extremely good fit for what I received. Usual great service from DI, great stealth and a rather nice sealable baggie with the products name (mispelt, lol!)
Inspection is promising and looks like it came from the description picture. The product is a dry sift, but still retains some oils and bends easily and can be worked with fingers only to crumble. Not very pungent, but a pleasant low level smell to this hash. It showed no signs of bubble when I held it to a flame.

The high is not what you'd typically expect from a Moroccan strain and is almost sativa like and quite mild. I have found it an enjoyable day time smoke which I enjoy, but there's really not a lot of bang per buck here and anyone wishing to be couch locked will be disappointed. DI's own riff cream hash is much more a couch lock Marroc, so I'd urge anyone chasing that high to consider this instead.

Please note, I'm sharing my viewpoint in the hope it helps some people, but we are all different and please remember your tastes and experiences may not align with mine - if you have a different experience, please share it with us!

Happy chuff chuff!