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Nooooooo Dude , you fucked up a big time!!!

Somebody already complained about Coinbase wallet app. , but I was too busy to comment.

You don't need Coinbase wallet app, as Coinbase itself has all wallets built in !!

Purpose of Coinbase wallet app, is to send crypto from
COINBASE to DEFI thusly you paying gas fees on Ethereum network !!!

Like if you want to supply for example USDT to Compound lending platform you'll have to pay gas fees and they're fucking huge.
Minimum 40 bucks on Sunday evening per transaction , but it can tripple during the busy weekdays easy.

Coinbase is still the cheapest to send BTC around !!!!
Fee is just above a dollar.

Minimum fee one can set up on Exodus wallet is around 2.50 $
Atomic wallet can be set lower than a dollar , but there's a huge risk that transaction will get stucked in unconfirmed block !