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Coinbase massive miners fee
Hi people. I am new to this and am hoping to move some funds around to make a purchase. I have Coinbase and bittylicious and blockchain accounts set up and I did a test Bitcoin purchase of £10 to see if it would work ok.
I used Coinbase and as I said I did just a tenner to see if I could get it worked out. I was charged 99p for this at the time and thought it was fair price.
However I moved the Bitcoin to my Coinbase wallet app thingy and it said I had around £7 of Bitcoin. It fluctuates around the £7 mark but next time I looked it said underneath a miners fee of £122 which shocked me.
I am still unsure if I now owe Coinbase £122 but have received no demand for payment.
Also I am unable to move the £7 to my blockchain wallet as it says I have not enough funds to cover the miners fee.
Also when I look at Coinbase portfolio it says a balance of 6 pence.
The £7 is still in coinbase wallet and I have written it off.
I would rather used it in a tip jar.
I am a bit concerned about using Coinbase so I will try bittylicious next time. Is there a way to check miners fee before completing. ?
I maybe just have made rookie errors but hope some advice will put me straight.
I am not very knowledgeable about Bitcoin and am nervous of getting stung.
I am goin to close some accounts and open a fresh one in the correct manor as I get more savvy at working the system.
Thank you for your help and patience with my waffle.