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If a vendor was based in Ireland, they would make a bundle of cash. The fear of customs would be eliminated and price of a delivery would be way down which in turn would make it VERY attractive to Irish buyers. If one appeared - that would be the end of me buying from UK vendors in a heartbeat.

I'm really struggling to see any reason to keep buying on LB. Brexit increased the risk from customs, BTC transactions fees are a bit mad at the moment (that's not LBs fault) so that adds to the cost, the price of delivery ranges from 8-20 quid which is more than what a domestic delivery would be (if we were in the UK, it would be free!). Then you have the actual cost of the product which is more expensive than what you'd pay at home for the same weight! It all adds up to paying way over the odds.

Have a look at uktrees even to see the price difference to what they pay over there compared to what's charged on here. Sure you have a crazy choice here & you don't have to meet anyone but you're paying through the nose for not having to do so.

I thought I found the golden goose and all its golden eggs but has it just been a lame duck? I dunno but food for thought anyway .

(sorry for the essay)