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I'm not trying to argue here, just playing Devil's Advocate, but that looks like about 2g of crap at best.

As a vendor I'd never allow that shite to get sent out regardless, but how much of this kind of crap was there in the 2oz?

I think if these manky fan leaves are in abundance you'd have a good case for a full refund but unfortunately if there's just a few of them you're in the same boat as many on here who don't get what was advertised.

I'd contact the seller first. See what he/she says then go from there.

Any decent seller or grower knows the shit in your picture goes in the bin, it's not trim, it's not shake, it's not popcorn or buds, it a byproduct of a grow. Simple as that.

However a terrible trim job doesn't entitle one to a full refund I'm afraid. Just my 2p.

Good luck buddy.

Cheers BB