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New Vendor Review - Bonneville
I rarely risk using a new vendor, but was lucky enough to receive a free double sample - Afgooey and Doc Holidaze. Messaged Vendor about stealth and felt assured. Stealth was excellent, especially for a new Vendor. Now the herb!
The Afgooey just has that beautiful aroma.You know it's quality straight away. It stinks! This follows through on break up and grind. Smokes and vapes like a dream. The flavour is gorgeous. Really ticked a box for me and my gang. Been chasing that flavour profile for a decade! And potent too! Just a real Quality high, very, very enjoyable. Head and shoulders above other bits I've had recently.
So I put an order in for a Zed. Had a conversation with Vendor regarding stealth and they didn't disappoint. Probably the best stealth I've had on LB! I like vendors who go over the top with stealth. Special Delivery = Happiness!
Now the price. Yes it is more expensive but as Bonneville states this is Connoisseur quality. Sometimes I've paid more for herb on here but mostly pay less. But I really like the Goo, so pay for it is what I'll Doo!
Honorable mention to the Doc Holidaze which is their budget offering. You can see it has been nicely done. Pleasant chalky taste in that hashy/funk way. Decent high and seems to be done to a good standard.
But the Afgooey really does it for me, so, so moorish. It is one of the best draws I've had in a while, both on and offline and I've been bunning for 35years! Highly, highly recommended.