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Btc atm review

I had to use a Bitcoin atm awhile ago so thought I'd share my experience with you all.

Coinbase was messing about an couldn't use my card, I tried my partners card an my mum's with no luck. I couldn't be dealing with signing up to other sites so looked into an atm and how far I would have to go to use one. After finding one which was 20mins away by train I thought fuck it I'll try it as I really needed to get some nice weed n hash as not going on the street to score anymore. I was up all night thinking about my journey, going throu everything that could possibly go wrong an how I would work around any mistake I made. So the big day is here an I'm on the train feeling nervous like that feeling the first time your waiting for your smoke from the site so I keep going to the toilet to vape but that made me very paranoid which was my only mistake of the day. Now I'm off the train I get my phone out for the map and start walking into the unknown. After about 10mins of walking I find the shop which to my surprise is a small shop selling middle eastern food so I go back online an make sure it's the right place. After seeing it was the right place I go in an ask "is your satoshipoint working" and he said "yes but it won't be switched on untill 9:30" so I went to McDonald's and waited bout 40mins. When I got back to the shop it was up and running so nothing was going to stop me this time :).
First off I set up my btc wallet to receive then on the machine I choose English as my language then less than £500. Now I start putting the cash in the machine an after I put £150 in there I choose btc then it asks for an address so I held my phone up to the scanner and done so simple and no I'D need. After walking out the shop I had a massive grin on my face, the kind you have after your first ever BJ.
The exchange rate was right just had to pay 7.5% which is bout 4% more than coinbase but worth it for not showing ID ect. I didn't really mind the extra 4% or the train fair as I sold abit of smoke so that funded my trip an a McDonald's :).
So all in all it was fun and a good experience, I can now say iv used a btc atm iv used the future of money.