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this isnt patter its me defending myself nothing more nothimg less as psnch says all in black and whotr i have 1 account this is my only account. let me ask you a qiestion carver do you let people bully you. if u can show mevexample of where iv instigated anythimg show me because all thst happemed is i complaimed that diuk sent half order iv nad nothing but shit

aboyt 10 trolls ateast constant abuse every msn and dog against me im a big boy no worroes but i wint stand and be bullied just like you amd panch didnt with sricky. im.sorry iv retailiated i regret that but as iv said i dont spit venom i just fight back. I dont ave a plan a motive i hust dont let people take piss out of me. Panch has hard on for me still dont.know why he wont say but panch have a good life be happy its importamt amd im not taking piss i just csnt be fucked with this bullshit.
from  carverr