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It’s interesting that everyone seems to rate Hashishin’s wares so highly. I’m not one to criticise vendors but while his customer service etc was amazing I’ve found the hash to be very lacking.

I ordered 2.5g of 4 different varieties: a gold (blonde) leb, red leb, soft Moroccan and Indian hand rubbed. The Moroccan is quite enjoyable but not strong. The Indian was 100% contaminated (you could feel it just rubbing some between your fingers) so has gone in the bin and the lebs both had near zero effect on me.

As background I have smoked a wide variety of hashes over the last 20 years from soap bar to some of the very best little biggy and the dam have to offer.

I’ve personally had good hash from The Green Team, UK420, God’s Connect (now left the site), DIUK and a couple of others I forget. My personal fave was some (expensive) Anonymus Farmz filtered hash that UK420 had. There is also a vendor called Hash Lover or similar on here who seems to pop up once in a blue moon with some supposedly exquisite hash but I’m yet to buy from that vendor.

I hope this helps!