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It depends what you’re after really. There’s plenty of sellers already mentioned on here that offer the strong sifted and artificially assisted/made hashes which are OK. Personally I find they can be quite harsh and paranoia inducing strength wise. A few have mentioned Hashashin and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him either, although there are some who say his products aren’t that strong.
I disagree and it’s all subjective, I’ve had bits off him. His Maroc was lovely. A nice mellow stone that you can feel is as natural as they come, no chemical washes or filtration going on, just proper old world hand made hashish. It had a lovely creeping potency too it. I’d compare it to a decent fine wine as opposed to a standard supermarket one. A nice artisanal treat that’s quite different from the ‘blow your head off’ gear. And ‘blow your head off’ doesn’t necessarily mean a great experience.
I also had some of his Indian hand rubbed which was also nice.
I guess you can’t please all the people all the time and everyone has different tastes. You gotta find your favourite amongst the sellers.
I’ve tried products from the provider, TGT, UK420 and they’ve all been good as gold.
Edit- it also depends on what your budget is, there a lot of $200+ upwards half ounces on here which is fine and dandy but I like a happy medium. And there are some sellers offering budget conscious options that are usually sound. Just do the research and shop around.
There are also the odd sellers who are tucked away that really do have good prices on some really good products, again it’s worth doing the research on them....