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I'm afraid I've stopped using this vendor , and its partly for this reason.
I've had many orders totally ruined (IMO) by over zealous packaging. By the time you scrape the bud away from the plastic its almost become a part off, you can see all that lovely oil and tricombes covering the plastic your about to bin, instead of being in your smoke. If you want compressed bud you can buy it that way and its cheaper, but for my money, proper grass doesn't look like its been run over by an articulated lorry.

There's also an issue of trust in that they regularly copy and paste a picture or advert that bears little resemblance to what they are selling. In the past its not been so bad as what I got, even if it were not what was advertised, was still banging, but more recently they have been selling poor quality smoke like the 'berber cream pollum' which was as weak as RB's dissapointing Gorilla Glue. I'm not rich, so having to give away smoke because its so rubbish (like I had to with the berber) is not something I'm prepared to do.
Ultimately, everyone will make their own judgements. A year ago I would have told you DIUK were one of the best vendors and you could trust em. Unfortunately my experiences in the last year mean I can no longer recommend them and I do my business elsewhere and get far better gear in far better condition as a result.