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I hadn't thought of the negative effects of over packaging on quality. On the other hand, I am waiting on two orders which have been a while so I fear might have been sniffed out.

Whilst weed is illegal I would opt for well packaged. I wonder if there could even be a new invention like returnable milk bottles for weed - a container that is stealth that customers pay a deposit for then send back... or circulate somehow...? just an idea.

You could always simply try to buy off an actual person I supposed. It would save a lot of money. But I just love the range on LB. I don't care that much about the vendors. LB is like Amazon to me, I search for what I want and while I'm at it see a few other things I never knew I wanted but now do.

It's nicer to actually get something rather than pay for nothing though. It must be hard to get it right as a vendor. Anyone had anything not turn up before?