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Free Crypto for you Little Biggas
Free crypto with little effort and zero investment; passive crypto.

Like most people I know, I spend too much on my vice and I understand all too well that every little helps, therefore I set out to gain as much free crypto as I can. I just introduce these in to my routine and let it build up; at the moment my birthday will be fully stocked.....and all with free crypto.

The first and best place to receive free crypto is with the Brave browser. It's an alternative to the google browser that blocks cross-site trackers, the ultimate privacy browser. You can also have this on your phone and you get paid in BAT for viewing ads as you browse normally. Everyone should have this in my opinion.

The second source of free crypto I use is Presearch. I pair this with the Brave browser on my laptop to earn twice as I search. This is an especially useful tool for anyone doing research for business, or school. To be honest I would gladly use the Brave browser and the Presearch search engine even without the free crypto. You can check out Presearch HERE.

The third source of free crypto I use is PublishOx. This is an open blog website where you can tip the authors of the post you have read, and receive some of the tip yourself. You even get to decide how much to tip the author, and yourself, depending on if you think the read was worth your time. You can even give a go at writing some articles and earn some crypto that way. You can check out PublishOx HERE.

The next two are apps on my phone that I will play when I am having a smoke, using the toilet, or commuting and they are slowly building up.

Cointiply here

Litecoin here

All in all, I would say the Brave browser is the best earner as it is so effortless. Paired with Presearch you do not have to do anything outside of what you would normally do to earn crypto.

I would say PublishOx is the second-best earner, especially if you put in the time. I will usually read one article from PublishOx for every two articles I read from mainstream media, and will usually read an article as soon as I wake up.

The two apps aren't as glamorous as the other sites however it all adds up and they are the two most legit I could find.

A quick mention on Presearch. While this is a slower earner than all the others in regards to the minimum withdrawal, I actually really like the utility of the search engine. Another point to note is that the company itself has a higher market cap than it's token, therefore I think it is currently very undervalued.

Anyway, hopefully, this can help someone as it has helped me. I wouldn't be surprised if this was already known by a few so please drop any you know of below.