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Politics is theatre. If people think Trump is bad they should really take a better look into the alternative...

When so much time, money and effort is put into stopping one person more attention should be payed to asking 'why?'. Furthermore, if he's so bad and incompetent, the evidence so damning and given the amount of resources put into taking him down, why's he still there? What is the conclusion to be drawn?

That whole Dem/media-driven Blasey-Ford thing was so dodgy, the attacks on Kavanagh so awful (innocent until proven guilty?). No tangible evidence whatsoever. What kind of way to behave was that? Why must all women be believed, except Tara Reade? Only Ilhan Omar and Rose McGowan have been consistent.

What was with Elizabeth Warren claiming she was Native American? Yet tests proved she is not.

Nancy Pelosi withholding relief funds from those denied paycheques unless her non C-19 demands are met.

Trump is made out to be a white supremacist by the party of slavery whose candidate says "you ain't black" if you don't vote for him.

Bidens/Burisma. This is one example of how taxes are used and not to benefit the taxpayer.

How is it that China has got away with stealing so much IP, embedding surveillance into servers built in China, creating man-made islands to expand their territory, no concern for the environment, Uiygers (slavery), living organ donors, exporting C-19 whilst closing off Wuhan from the rest of China, etc., etc.? Why have all but Trump turned a blind eye and a deaf ear?

Globalism is bad shit, the worst thing that could happen. The trajectory we were on was toward a China-led World Government. With globalism there is no alternative, there is no purer form of totalitarianism. That's the real coup (d'etat) and should scare any normal citizen to the very core of their being.

The fact that Democrats and many Republicans don't like Trump is a positive for me. He's tackling the things that others just take the money and turn a blind eye to, and he's taking all the shit in the world for doing so.

Every news piece about anything these days is an opinion piece, rather than a collation of facts and sources that allow the reader/viewer to draw their own conclusion.