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So if you wanna know what’s going on in America without getting the lies they are showing you on mainstream media, go check out MrAndyNgo on twitter. My man is showing what’s really happening, he’s definitely going to get journalist of the year.

Unpopular opinion, but the sooner you learn it the better. Trump is actually the good guy. The Democrats are not, if you are watching the mainstream media even here in europe they are sugar-coating the atrocities happening.

There is no Gestapo police, or Trumps secret police. They are just undercover police arresting people that are committing crimes. Everyone acting like undercover feds haven’t existed since the dawn of feds. The reason they are undercover is because AntiFa and BLM are looking up badge numbers so they can harass police and their families members, and in some cases threatening their lives. If they hadn’t been rioting for 61 days straight in Portland, Trump would not have had to send Department of Homeland Security.

It’s basically a race war over there thanks to the progressive retards who think they know everything. Going on 1619 project and White Fragility as their bible, it’s all BS. There’s no such thing as White Fragility, period. Uncle Bens isn’t racist, the countryside isn’t racist and the systemic racism they exacerbate does not exist.