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I just checked out MrAndyNgo. He won't be winning any journalism awards any time soon. He works for a The Post Millenial, a right-wing Canadian news site which has in the past had links to Russia and White Nationalist groups (a former senior Editor was found to be a white nationalist).

MrAndyNgo's Twitter account doesn't appear to have any journalistic substance either. He recently said "If Donald Trump wins re-election in November, Americans will experience a wave of mass left-wing violence, rioting and looting much worse than what we've already experienced so far." That sounds like an opinion to me... also based on nothing at all. He then reweeted that Tweet for some reason.

He shows videos, calling everyone in them 'Antifa' despite zero visual or audio evidence. There's another showing people getting pushed around the other day being told to leave the area. Those people are clearly shouting "go away Nazi". He presents them as Antifa beating up random people in the street. Where's the evidence for any of that!? There's no suggestion that Antifa is there, or that the people being assaulted are completely innocent. They could just as easily have been White Nationalists screaming at the protesters... but i'm not going to say that's what they are because I don't know and neither does this jackass MrAndyNgo.

PLEASE think critically. Why am I being shown this? What are they saying it shows? What I'm I ACTUALLY seeing be shown? What happened before the camera started rolling, and after it stopped?

Edit: Check out this VOX article about Andy Ngo and Antifa... it really is a very well balanced summary of the situation. If you think you're being (or trying to be) manipulated by the "MSM", then just remember to think critically, and also just because a news source isn't "MSM" it doesn't mean they aren't trying to manipulate you too!