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You wouldn't believe the message l was gonna send you. Definitely the longest one on this website. I made all my points with the information on hand that refuted pretty much everything you sent me with the actual facts to back me up. What is actually driving me is the only thing that really matters now. It's an 83 y.o. woman who l call mom.

Despite what you claim, a lot of what you had to say came straight out of the left's playbook, nearly word for word in some places. I don't get my information from social media or any of the usual suspects. I get it from a source that doesn't have an axe to grind or a personal agenda that benefits themselves.You can't find that nearly anywhere anymore.

Yes, l remember Reagan's trickle down economics and it served me well. You sound exactly like the left. They despise him because he did an end run around the mainstream media and made his points directly with the people. It drove them nuts.

I don't care about how the ultra elites send their assets off shore. The only reason they did was because of all of the taxes and regulations the government forced on them. Obama added 24,000 pages of new regulations to what was already a nightmare of bullshit they had to deal with. The left has always used them as a distraction and to turn one group of people against another. By the way, l'm not a republican. I blame them just as much the democrats for the mess we were in before Trump took office. They're in panic mode now. He is screwing up everything they've built for themselves over the past 80 years. Trump isn't new money. His family was already rich. He got an inheritance of $20 million and then made himself a billionaire because he does have an acumen for business, which is exactly what the country needed. It's the lawyers and professional politicians that ran the country into the ground.

What am l? You say there's no middle class now so what am l? I've had money and l've been homeless. You were offended by what l told you. I'm offended that you were so condescending to me. I remember 1980 just fine. I remember how Carter fucked up everything he tried to do during his one term in office. I can go back even further. I remember the long lines of cars at gas stations during the Arab oil embargo. I don't need a history lesson from anyone. Did you know that was one of the times that we reached def con 2. Most people don't. That's my history lesson.

I'll take my sabbatical now and leave you to your own devices. I feel that this conversation is being wasted on you.

I don't hate you but l do get aggravated at times. l simply state my opinion with the information l have on hand, information that's been 100% accurate since l found my source. I suggest you run to your safe space and ponder the micro aggression you believe l'm guilty of concerning your opinion. If you want to debate anything l've said here l'd like nothing more
but l don't feel like l should have to walk on eggshells to do it. Grow a thicker skin and get back to me. I'll do the only thing that drew me to this website in the first place. Buying top drawer flower. Do what you want. I doubt l'll ever have to state my opinions again. It's pointless. Thank you for making me realize that.

from  Patereeko