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I would love to have access to this source you have, with absolutely no axe to grind, or agenda, it would make life easier.

Please tell me how this comment is not aggressive - "If you're not willing to do that then take all the nonsensical bullshit you've been spewing here and insert it into your anal cavities. I recommend using some KY. I used to use a lot of it on my patients when l worked in my local hospital. It really helps when it comes to enemas. You definitely need one."

Yea, I remember the gas lines, and all the crap we apparently both lived through. The only correction I will make is that one, or even two generations does not get a family into the elite 'old money' club.

It saddens me to argue over politics. But can we even agree that Nixon was a bastard with his war on drugs? Why the relentless reefer madness propoganda? Maybe for the sake of the Hurst family holdings. Idk, and I don't have the inclination to argue further with someone I would probably befriend without the political interference. Why? Because apparently we both have hearts.

My 86 yo mother is now in hospice. I try to distract myself with this site, games, etc., but it's not worth creating more negative energy in this world, there is already far too much!

I've felt the privilege of a comfortable middle class. But then I also watched my family devestated, and homeless.

I thank all that's good in this universe for the people who have helped us along the way.

No, I can't hate you. No more than I can hate the family who gave so selflessly to support me as my sister was consumed by cancer. They are apparently scary republicans... if we didn't have labels, maybe we could understand each other better.

Be well.