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Yes, l read about the sister you lost to cancer. I truly am sorry for your loss. I've watched my mother lose a kidney to cancer and my father had prostate cancer and l've lost count of the number of cancerous tumors he's had removed from his face. I have to take him to his doctor March 1st to have another one removed. I can't prove it but l believe one or more of the pharmaceutical companies have come up with a cure for some, if not all forms of cancer. As they say, there's no profit to be made with a cure. I hate to be that cynical, but they haven't given me a reason to think otherwise, judging by their previous behavior.

You're right about political discussions. I hate talking about it as well, but l can't sit back and read what sounds like something people are repeating what they read in the Huffington Post, among other liberal rags. If l stand by and say nothing, it feels like I'm agreeing with everything they're saying. My original message wasn't directed solely at you, but l'm not going to send the same message to 10 or more different people. You just happened to be in the line of fire.

As for the KY and enema comment, it was harsh but it was simply me becoming aggravated with everything l was reading and the refusal of some people to take an honest look at what is actually happening concerning current events, namely things like Trump planning a coup or being racist. Give me a fucking break. Unemployment has reached a 17 year low when it comes to the African American community. Seems to me if he was a racist he would be trying to do everything possible to keep them from improving their lot in life. That goes along with being xenophobic as well. The real xenophobes are in the UN.

Your right about the two of us becoming friends. You sound like you're an old fart just like l am. We should dump the political discussions and focus on something that really matters...buying and burning as much flower as humanly possible. I think it would be a better use of our time;-) I'm still going to take my sabbatical, but only when it comes to politics. There's nothing to be gained from it. I'm removing my earlier message l sent you. I really don't want to have to deal with this subject again if someone finds it offensive and decides to stir the embers.

As for my source. Yes, a lot of people would love to know where l get my information. I've had my source since 1996. It was the reason l cut off any political affiliation with the two party system. I voted for Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky during the last election. He's a republican but his views are more inline with the Libritarian Party(yes, l know l didn't spell it right but my spell checker isn't working for some reason). Gary Johnson was just too goofy for my taste. Too much flower l guess. Paul was one of the first to drop out of the republican primary. He's a medical doctor who believes we should legalize flower nationally. That's more than enough reason for me to vote for him. Shrinking the size of government is another. I wrote him in when l voted. It was purely symbolic.

I know what you consider old money. Names like Ford, Rockefeller and Kennedy come to mind. For me new money is someone who's completely self made. Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates... That's new money to me.
While Trump is a mostly self made billionaire, he had a sizable head start. Who knows where he would be if he would have started from scratch, especially when we're talking about real estate. That usually requires financial backing. That's hard to obtain if you don't have any collateral to begin with.

I gotta ask you...How in the hell did you end up on this website? I know how l got here. I've made no secret as to why I'm here. One word, flower. You however are a mystery.


Crap. It's not letting me remove my earlier messages. Anybody who's reading this, just understand that l will not respond to anything having to do with these messages. I'm done.