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Deal! From one old fart, to another, politics blows! I hate it, but consider it to be completely irresponsible to not use the hard won right to vote. As I think I said, love him, or hate him, Trump is at least making people wake up. I don't know if they're thinking...no jab there. I include myself in the multitude that is just doing the best they can with what they've got.

I think we agree more clearly on the pharmaceutical tyranny. Notice how those doctors of old CURED diseases, like smallpox, polio, etc.? Notice how many cures have been found in the past 75 years? None, now they just keep finding new conditions to treat - indefinitely!

I found this site by scouring the internet for years, looking for help for my sister... and me.

She was not receptive to cannabis until a few years before she passed. But before that I had moved overseas, and no longer had any contacts to send her to to buy decent weed. And considering my sister's personality, she couldn't make contacts. If she was a kid today they'd probably label her as having Asberger's Syndrome. She was brilliant, but not good at dealing with people at all.

Since you've dealt with your share of cancer victims, you must know how many treatments are out there. Not just from big pharma, but herbal, vitamin, nutritional, and even frequency (Rife).

I can't say what helped, but my sister refused all allopathic medicine, using only natural treatments. It took her six years to die, only accepting 'western medicine' the last year when she had to be hospitalised, then stuck in a nursing home.

By the time I got through a few scams, got bitcoin figured out, and found this site... well, I was still raising money for some Rick Simpson oil when she caught MRSA. She finally went septic with MRSA, and it shut down her kidneys.

Something that still upsets me is that MRSA is not even mentioned on her death cert., just metastasized breast cancer. It just feels like they're trying to hide the true extent of the 'super bugs' they're creating.

I use this site to buy because I've got seriously limited mobility, and I live in a fairly rural area. I've used the wonderful gift of lovely, sticky marijuana flowers, most of my life for relaxation, and recreation.

Now, with spinal injuries, digestive problems, depression, and all the other BS I live with, I'm experimenting with different medicinal strains, and edibles. I've actually got my doctor considering CBD oil because i have horrible reactions to antiinflamitories. I'm shocked, but I'll take it. In the meantime I self medicate with herb, and supplement with his narcotics, and valium when necessary.

No worries about the old posts. I hope you don't catch too much shit from others. To be entirely honest, I want to have real, honest info., and debate, on all my choices, including politics. It helps keep me honest. It's just too difficult for me right now.

Most of the plans are made for Mom's passing. I just wish I could be with her. Who knows, she was always tough, she could still outlive me!

Take care, and keep smokin' ;)