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This website is really chapping my ass. I just sent you a message but it wouldn't go through. Kept hitting send and nothing happened. I tried going back to a previous page but when l tried to go back to where l was before, my message was gone.

We're definitely farts coming from the same ass. I've been dealing with mental disorder(s) for the past 11 years. The most entertaining one has to be bipolar. I never add the word depression because it's only half of what makes bipolar such a joy to deal with. The manic part is just as bad, if not worse than the depression. I stop sleeping and eating for days at a time which isn't best part. That goes to the aggression part hands down. I become an atomic bomb just waiting for someone to try and defuse me. They set me off every time.

Throw on top of that generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and OCD and it makes for fun times for all. The Feds don't think l play well with others so they declared me permanently disabled. They definitely don't think l should own any type of firearms, although l do have an arsenal that's the envy of most third world countries. They should really worry about someone who has the same disorders, yet refuses to believe it and doesn't try to get help, like the dude from Florida who killed all those people in that nightclub. I realized something was wrong and it came to a head when l was awake for 19 days for absolutely no obvious reason, so l sought help. I don't have a criminal record as well, or any history of violence in my past, yet they think l'm the dangerous one. They're right in one aspect. I never leave my home when l'm in manic mode. Just way too much of a risk. The meds keep the monster dormant, but it wakes up every now and again.

I really would like to continue this conversation without the peanut gallery. The ding dongs here know enough about me already. I tried to send a personal message but l guess you have to be a vendor in order for receive them. I tried sending you a email address l rarely use but l guess this website won't let me. If you or anyone reading this that knows how to send personal messages on this site please let me know. Thanx!