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I don't really have much concerns either when it comes to content, only where I put it and how it is accessed. So I'll see what has precedence: rating or account age. To some extent I agree that people who instigate hatred, violence and racism are pushed back, the alt-right movement in the US became the victim of extremist right. They kept on pushing the limits to see how far they could go and the alt-right should have avoided to side with them.

The same applies for Antifa and extremist left. Whatever protest where you see them, you will find a couple of idiots waving a communist flag.

Bring them together and its tribal war. If Hitler, Mao, Mussolini or Stalin would see them, they'd command to execute them all.

There's space enough on the internet and if not there is always some dark net, to make whatever online mental institution/website to meet and share.

But to have all of that shit plastered all over the place ... nah.
from  kadst63