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Be careful about content and curiosity. I heard about three young men who decided to throw away their humanity, if they even had any to begin with, and go out and murder 21 innocent people in 20 days. They fucking did it to entertain themselves. It gets A LOT worse. They used their cell phones to record some of murders. God, l wish l would have listened to that little voice in my head, telling me "Do not go and look for this. It will damage you if you do." It's hard to do when you're told exactly how to find them. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!!!!! I didn't listen. It could be the worse thing l will ever experience in my life. It is definitely one of the biggest mistakes l've ever made. I can only say l have listened to that voice since then but it was too late to reverse the damage. Now, I only use the internet to buy shit and l only converse with people on this website. I can't be found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I have no use for any of them. In case you think l'm being overly melodramatic, go ahead and see for yourselves. I won't tell you where, but it's easy to find. Don't go looking for trouble. There's plenty to be found on the internet.
from  huggsins