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Dear Denzel Washington
i am hoping that you can help me. i know you must be busy right now but it seems that you always know what to do and that people like me have no idea. you know all too well what i mean, it’s like we are too caught up in our own world to understand the truths you see so easily. and then there’s hell becuase of it. this sucks for all parties but i for one have at least come to recongnize that there is hope - with your help.

i know this is a big ask and i am sensitive to the fact that you are more likely saving someone like me from themselves right now as well as containing the damage we are willing to inflict on others, maybe the whole city.

but my realization of all this can and will save you time and frustrating effort. i can promise you im not going to waste our time together doubting you or running you down to other people that would be inclinded to help or otherwise hold you back in any way. you will be in charge right from the start, it doesn’t matter that i outrank you, that’s simply testimony to the kind of injustice that can make you indignant. i get this.

yes there will be other white folk standing in the way and generally making the job harder than it should be. let me take care of this part, i know what to say to these guys and i will make them understand that the sooner we start taking your orders the more trouble we can avoid downstream.

i won’t insult you with payment, you have established you are above lucre of any kind, carnal temptation is not in the picture (not saying anything about preference or potence here sir) and power is something the strong have no need for. i can only offer you more of something you already posses, rightousness. solid, unequivocal and inspiring no matter how often you earn it.