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Ehm no :-)

As every 'revolution', the initial ideas were noble but then politics happened and a new pyramid appeared. New packaging, same shit. From feudalism to neo feudalism to hybrid of both.

Liberty = conditional
Freedom = conditional
Equality = conditional

De Montesquieu wouldn't be happy either as the implementation of the trias politica is a sham. Judges are appointed by politicians. Politicians make new legislation. A mayor is the head of the police yet also a politician.

That's a lot of politician and a particracy instead of real democracy but panem et circenses and the fact that whoever controls the media, is the mind, worked out very well. New technology however, is very incompatible with the current 'system'. It does not care about borders, it does not care about laws, it does not require an ID or nationality. We have reached the point in technological evolution that voids any sort of attempt to 'control' all flows of transactions and communication.

Whatever sort of society that is hierarchical ... left, right, center... it does not even matter, is prone to corruption and doomed to fail. Look at Europe, the empires all crumbled to nations that further crumbled due to nationalism or which are in the process to further divide. (Spain, Yugoslavia, Belgium, ...).

I believe that a society should be stateless. That does not mean that I'm against nationalism. What I'm saying is that there are other ways then nation states that stick up their nose in whatever you do.

So let's see where this all ends, ideas can't be destroyed, it takes 1 person to start an new technologic revolution 'overnight'.