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how hard is it to get skills anymore?
the growing divide between rich and poor, the loss of jobs to immigrants and robots, youth unemployment, nearly every economic problem is caused by a lack of value producing skills.

but why? nearly everything you could do in this world can be learned for free with this little invention called the world wide web. i think you have heard of it even if you don't have an expensive computer.

a p.o.s. android phone and free wifi has you in many of the finest classrooms on earth, you don't need a wing named after your grandfather anymore.

if you don't have the patience for this there is a youtube video for 21st century dummies on nearly every lesson on earth, pause, rewind, learn at your own pace for free.

yeah sorry, the assembly line that paid for 3 weeks off isn't hiring anymore, neither is the lord's farm or those stone hauling gigs down in egypt. things have changed - for the better.