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Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
I just had a close call last night, I was super focused on changing the song on my phone cause I fucking hate what it was playing and really pissed that Spotify was playing the shit again after I had already skipped it several times in the past, really it was an insult to begin with suggesting I would like Katie Perry - because who knows why? Maybe she had a track with somebody else that I liked but I can't figure out who AND WHOAH I am driving through a red light and SHIT there is an suv headed towards me and already slamming on the breaks. So then the good magic powers side of the weed kick in and I do this swerve to the left while I jam the accelerator I don't even know where the hell I got the idea still I gave up on the Fast and Furious like 5 movies ago but goddam it worked. Has this happened to anyone else?
from  vikosh79