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Hi all.

I think the term darknet scares people after walot of youtube videos will freighten you. Darknet is very unreliable. More out to get u then providing a service that's not the whole darknet but I think it's a big percentage. I can say this as I have experience of the darknet. An wouldn't recommend it.. that's just me. Do what you like.

Since being in littlebiggy.org I feel it's more of a community experience good vendors an love to the our customers for supporting this movement if I'm allowed to call it that. Both work so well hand in hand. Touch wood... an hope that the experience only gets better. For either side buyer and seller. ... this site provides such valuable resources to the community. People feel safe doing they thing here.

Also the payment system is very well sorted. Also the communication from littlebiggy.org is great always quick replies reliable help wich they come thru 100% of the time.

An I wish littlebiggy.org many more amazing years to come..

Lots of love