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Good reasons for legalisation/regulation:

1. Easy access for disabled/medical patients.
2. Ban the use of contaminants/unsafe fertilizers. Over the years we've seen foliar feeds that contain latex polymers. Liquid sugar/finely ground glass/cornflour/spice and similar chemicals sprayed onto plants. Not to mention hash made of henna/hay/oil/any old shit and the recent problems with carts.
3. Less paranoia.
4. Tax revenue that can be directed into public services.
5. Boost to economy, boost to tourism.
6. An end to kids getting a criminal record for something that shouldn't be a crime.
7. Gradual removal of social stigma.
8. Walking over the shop may not be fun, but it's very convenient.
9. A chance for cottage industries to start competing and growing in a legal marketplace.
10. A raising of standards - I'm told Californian mid-shelf is better than UK top shelf.
11. A much needed counter-balance to the (frankly depraved and embarrassing) UK binge drinking culture, hopefully leading to a more relaxed, European style cafe culture.
12. A more social cannabis scene. With coffeeshops and dispensaries people will have a reason to go out and mix more. An end to the stereotype of the isolated stoner.

I know most of us here are okay now. But what about the youngsters getting sold rubbish? The elderly and disabled going without medicine?

All this balanced against the chance to feel like a rebel and a load of running around. With respect, I'd take legalisation and regulation any day.