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Legalisation eh? No thanks! Not for me anyway. To be fair I’m about a thousand years old so I’ve a different perspective to the majority, maybe.
When I look back over the last few decades of living this obsession, most of the fun was related to the chase.
Doing your runnings and taking little risks is a great way to release an adrenaline spike. That’s a substance we all crave like no other!
I like being a bit edgy(whilst doing no real harm). I downright love breaking an unfair and unjust law!
I like it that all the wankers disapprove of me! If they legalise it, said wankers will start doing it. They’ll still hate me and I them, only difference is I’ll have lost the smug satisfaction of knowing what they’re missing and enjoying my individuality.
My closest friendships have been made and proven in our collective efforts to maintain a supply of something nice. Like bands of brothers. Celebrating success together, sharing the fun and occasional disasters.
No fun in walking over the shops is there? What about work and driving? I mean you’ve got to watch what you do on social media, how do you think you’re boss etc will react to open drug use?
It’ll still be drugs remember. Naagh, keep it on the low I say. I hope they never legalise it.
It ain’t gonna be nearly as much fun. It isn’t going to be any cheaper. Quality will still be hit and miss. The government will have a field day. But most of all as previously stated all the wankers will start doing it.
Medical? Yes. Small medical grows? Yes. Full on recreational legalisation? Not for me thanks!