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I'm still a novice, been here since October. Still figuring out how it all works.

As the others have mentioned, we've all come looking for something. I personally was not happy with the quality of cheeba I was getting through my connections and these people I know on a personal level. It wasn't their fault, it's just how the general market is in the UK. People just want cheap weed and get monged.

But weed is more than that, it's a tool to expand your mind and sense of being. The quality and variety on here is amazing and I can't thank all the vendors enough for all their hard work in a very competitive market place.

Everyone here is generally really cool and down to earth, which I believe is down to the quality of the product we consume, good weed makes good people.

Finally, the person(s) behind lb, wow, they saw something that we needed well before we knew we wanted. Kudos to them.