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I'd had a massive break from recreational smoking and all other substances. I experimented with lots when younger and nearly went too far. Turned out I had an unknown heart condition. When I found out after I left uni, I packed up most things and smoking began anxiety attacks as a result so I packed that in too.

Must be 10-12 years on, kids, partner, house and alright job. My Mrs suffered an injury to her wrist and hand 2 years ago and had been off since needing reconstructive surgery but the pain will never stop. Coincidently at a similar time another close family member had a knee replacement. Both wanted pain relief that wasn't dihydrocodene as it made them I'll long term.

I'm in an area with no connections and fully remember how hit and miss the streets are. I got some decent stardawg from a friend but was too strong for both of them. I loved it and it gave me a reintroduction but getting it was sporadic and unreliable.

Like a lot I began looking at cbd vendors and came across this site. Very nerve racking to use to begin with, setting up and learning the way around but all you guys and the vendors are TOP BANANA and it's so easy. Couple that with decent products and a variety to buy in small amounts to see what suits different people and different moods you quickly find it's a wonderful place.

Big up to littlebiggy and all it's members that make a great community.