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Great topic!

I came in search of this place because of lockdown really so feel like I have stumbled upon the beach like di caprio :)

I have 2 very questionable suppliers but have known both for 10 years. They get in trouble but have never caused me any. One is more reliable than the other and I actually cannot say a bad word about them, always available, always on time, different flavours, always on weight, not always so stealth but we have a good meet set up. I have always thought how will I look meeting this guy in another 10 years? Kind of had the feeling whenever these guys decide to stop supplying that's when I stop my love affair with the herb :(

That being said when this is all over do I introduce these guys to LB? As vendors it could even lessen their risk of the aforementioned 'trouble'? I have already linked 3 friends here :)